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This Blog I am submitting to my Manasega GURU Sri U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy.Swamigal is the one guiding me in the spiritual search. Swamigal is not guiding me only, people who ever searching the spiritualism. If you listen one swamigal lecture, Finish then you will never escape from swamigal KNOT.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sri U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan Swami- Bio data

My Dear friends,
In this post i am going to give brief Bio data of Sri U.Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swamiji. So for i collected from the other sites and resource. I am first of all sorry to Swamiji because i am writing swamiji details with out swamijis permission. Hope he excuse me.

Sri U.Ve.Velukkudi krishnan swami S/O Parama padha vaasi SRI U.VE.VELUKKUDI VARADACHAR SWAMYJI also swamijis GURU(Acharyan).Swamiji is Professionally by a Chartered and cost accountant, worked with Multi nation companies. Swamiji decided to enter in to the spiritualism life from 1996 after his father reach Parama padham.

Swamiji presently residing in the singara CHENNAI, Tamilnadu, India. Also Travelling all over the world to spread the sweet and meaning full messages of Loard KRISHNA,AZHWARS & ACHARYAS. Swamyji gives speech in Sanskrit,Hindi,Tamil & English.

Swamyji Expert in :
Bhagavat gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Vishnu puranam, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Srimad Ramayanam, Alwars 4000 prabandams includes Andal's Tiruppavai, Upanishads and in general all vaishnavaites scripts.

Swamyji received more Awards and Titles like :
Sollin selvar
Sri Ramanuja Seva Shree
Pravachana Sangeetha Bhushana
Baala vaag amrutavarshi
Rahasyaartha vivruti vicakshana.

In the coming days i can give some more details of swamiji Bio data. Keep on visit our site. Also pass this site address to your familys and friends. So they can also enjoy the sweet of spiritualism.


  1. Very nice to read. I am also an ardent follower of Shri Velukkudi Krishnan swamy. I listen to swamy's upanyasams regularly on TV. Recently I had a chance/opportunity to meet Swamiji in person while I was at Srirangam Temple to have a darshan of Lord Renganatha on the Vaikunda Ekadasi day. Swamy was also worshipping the Lord when I had a chance to see him and get his blessings. He does not seem to be an ordinary human being. To my eyes he looks like the "Ilayaazhvar or Udayavar" hmiself for he has been blessed with such a beautiful tone and knowledge on the puranas and upanishads and what not.First Velukkudi in the mornings and then Coffee kudi (drink the coffee after listening to swamy's upanyasams/lectures in the early mornings.)
    T. Uppili Srinivasan
    F3 Sri Madhava Flats, 29th street,
    Chennai 600061
    Mob 9445013900

    1. Mohan, Thank you so much. I enjoyed talking with you yesterday. I will discuss with you inperson when we meet next time. You triggered me to start listening our great Sri U.Ve.Velukkudi Swami speeches. This is long spending action item. Today I started listening his speeches. Thanks a lot. Sakthi

  2. Hello,

    Nice to see your blog. I am also an follower of Shri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy. He eloquently talks about the most abstract subjects - spiritualism. I was specifically looking for a .mp3 of Sundara Kandam explanation by swami ji. If you have them, please upload.


  3. Our family is also an ardent rasikas of Swami's Upanysams, Nice to see this Blog. Swam's service to Hinduisam and spiritualisam is of immense need of the time. Please keep uploading his Upanyasams, since we are unable to personally visit places.

    Jai Sri Ram! Jai Sri Krishna!

    Usha hariharan

  4. Pranams. Jai Sriman Narayana!

    I also listen to Sri U.Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swami's discourses. I have a jump drive with all of his English discourses which I listen to on the way to work each day. I am happy to see his disciples taking an interest in spreading his teachings through the internet.



    1. Sir, I am not been able to get his discourse on Vishnusahasranama Mahime in English. Could you pls help me.

  5. Sir, very nice of you to blog Sri Velukkudis details and all the audios.
    I am looking for disocourse on "Nitya Karma for Sri Vaishnava" or what should be the daily activities of a Sri Vaishnava?
    Can anybody help me please. I am a beginner in this course, Kindly guide me.

    1. There are many publications available on Nithyanushtaanam to be followed by srivaishnavetes. You may visit Giri trading in your nearby locality and find from the shelves Lifco editions on both thengalai and vadagalai daily anushtanams and sampradhayams. This would guide you fairly.

      Further you may approach your Acharayan swami and pray to perform Samashreyanam (panchasamskaram) and Acharyan swami will further guide you.

      regds- S.Govindarajan

  6. I just came across this blog. I live in velukkudi, the native village of swamiji. I am really proud of this. Once I met him here when he visited the famous Hanuman temple here. He has a very nice and convincing way of delivering spiritual messages. I thank you for this blog.

  7. I am very much delighted to hear his Sri Bhagavatham in Vijay TV in everyday morning.

  8. Hi Good work, I am also a follower of Swamin. Can you please change his current location as Srirangam as opposed to Chennai mentioned here.

  9. I regard and firmly visualise Swamy indeed as the reappearance of Sri Ramanujar Acharyan, after a thousand years now. None other than Swamy Ramanujar would have done the kind of work you are doing now using the technology of communications to enlighten wide spectrum of our people, if he were to be present now.
    I express my deepest respects to you for your unfathomable knowledge, your simplest way of putting words across to your audience,, and for all the unrelenting service benefiting the humanity, enlightening the common people , the rich heritage of belonging in a country where scriptures show that we have a civilisation dating back many millions of years (through cyclic occurrence of chathur yugas, with Brahmmah having life span of 36,500 Brammah days!) and not just a few thousand years written by British historians.

    Warmest regards and salutations to Ammangar and Swamy

  10. Excellent work....I recently begun listening to swami's discourses and ever since not a day passes by without listening to his soothing renditions. You are indeed very lucky and blessed to be a disciple of swami and you are envy of many spiritual seekers who stray path in spiritualism. Best wishes and goodluck to you.

  11. I am an ardent follower of Swamiji. I wish to inquire if Swamiji is a household man. Does he have a family? Just curious to know.

  12. Swami's discourses have had a profound impact on me and has changed me as an individual. There is not a single day or a night that passes without me listening to his lectures.. I had the good fortune of seeing him at Srirangam, though I couldnt talk to him after I came out after finishing sevai of nammperumal.. extremely polite, humble and all of you have said, he is definitely udayavar reborn.. no doubts about it..

  13. Does the swamy approve of advaita metaphysics?

  14. How do you prove that krishna is paripurna in vishistaadvaita?.....
    because krishna only said that he is paripurna in bhagavath geetha...

    but ,according to vishistaadvaita...we are brahman,at the same time ,we are not paripurna...similar case applies to,how is krishna paripurna in vishistaadvaita?

  15. We are the greatest follower of swamy s upanyasam. Lot of changes are there in us. Wanted to become more spiritual day by day.

  16. We are the greatest follower of swamy s upanyasam. Lot of changes are there in us. Wanted to become more spiritual day by day.

  17. All of you should first improve your English and post. It is a pain reading your posts.

  18. I missed Sri. Velukkudi Swamy's Vishnu Puranam series that was telecast on Vijay TV. When I searched on the net and Youtube, I couldn't get the full set. Is this full series available at any other site or can I buy the DVDs from Vijay TV directly? Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.

  19. I guess swami was born on Tamil month Adi in star Magham. that means today is his star birthday. Our special prayers for God to give him a good health to make him continue his great service to humanity in terms of ourspiritual progress., the most needed for the hour.

  20. Anybody knows, swami's thirunatchathiram??

  21. Namaskar, I would like to know the agenda of swamiji throughout the world, how to meet him personally and hear his classes in English personally. I would also like to know if he accepts disciples of Western origin, Jay Sreeman Narasimha Bhagawan, thanks a lot

  22. Namaskar Claudia,
    I saw swamiji yesterday at one of the speeches he gave. It is to continue for the next 4 days. Though I am from Chennai, I haven't heard of him earlier (!) and visited this event on a whim. Enjoyed the talk, even though it was in Tamil.
    If I can find out the agenda of Swamiji, I will let you know here. Else, I believe his facebook page might give the required information.
    hope this helps, thanks!



  25. Bhagavatha priya swami velukkudi krishnan long live